Biscoe Wilson Architects is a studio based architectural practice in Albion, Brisbane, with extensive experience in the planning and design of a broad range of residential architecture, education architecture, industrial architecture, commercial architecture, interior design, master planning, and civic projects – many of which have received peer recognition through architectural awards.

Featured Projects:

G House

The programme was to construct a new house on the steep (1: 3 gradient) north facing 760-m2 block that offered views to Mt Coo-tha forest. Biscoe Wilson Architects designed an elegant lightweight structure that responds to the topography and subtropical climate. The spit level section and linear plan enabled all spaces to all enjoy natural […]

Springfield State School – SLC

Biscoe Wilson Architects’ Student Learning Centre building at Springfield Central State School has an ‘E’ plan to promote collaboration, permeability, cross ventilation, and natural lighting. The floor plan also enabled double-sided external walls to all classrooms, allowing the building to breathe. This four-storey building contains 17 general learning areas (GLA), a Performing Arts Centre (PAC), […]

Bulimba State School Hall and classroom building by Biscoe Wilson Architects

Bulimba State School – Hall and Classroom Block

Entry in AIA Brisbane Region Awards 2011 Bulimba SS received the Queensland Government Premiers Sustainability Award in 2013 Biscoe Wilson Architects were commissioned to design and document three General Learning Areas (GLA) and a Multi-purpose Hall as part of the Building the Education Revolution (BER) Program. As a prep to year 6 school, and a […]

Nat and Gerry’s Back Deck

Entry in the AIA Awards 2014 After meeting at a local coffee shop in Ascot and providing a napkin sketch for a back deck addition to their decrepit Queenslander, our client’s Natalie Winter and Gerry Heffernan commissioned Biscoe Wilson Architects to bring their ideas into fruition. The extension created a “hub” space for a new […]

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Biscoe Wilson Architects is a studio based architectural practice in Albion, Brisbane, with extensive experience a broad range of residential architecture, education architecture, industrial architecture, commercial architecture, interior design, master planning, and civic projects.

Our design values are based on:

  • understanding client objectives;
  • clarifying and developing the brief;
  • developing rational and elegant planning strategies;
  • a respect for climate place and context;
  • balancing social and community concerns in building projects;
  • encouraging positive healthy environments and ecological effects and researching appropriate materials and construction technologies.

This broad approach to design promotes excellence, a professional service, and a high quality architectural outcome.

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Key People

Marion Wilson

Senior Architect, Practice ManagerInterior Design Director



As Practice Manager and Interior Design Director, Marion takes responsibility for interior design and commercial fitout projects and general management of the practice as well as offering specialist design expertise. With an architectural and interior design background, Marion’s design work prioritises the integration of internal and external spaces with emphasis on pragmatic space planning, materials, finishes and climatic and contextual responses to the user requirements. Marion is a regular examiner and advisor for the Queensland Board of Architects and has participated in the National and State review panels for accreditation of schools of architecture.

Robert Biscoe

Senior ArchitectPrincipal and Design Director

BSc (Australian Environmental Studies,Griffith University), BArch (QIT), FRAIA

Robert’s early studies in Environmental Science provided a foundation for environmentally sustainable design (ESD) in his architectural work. Robert’s work prioritieses the development of design strategies that maximise the efficient use of resources within the framework of efficient climatic response to the design brief. Robert’s interests extend to the comparative effect of materials selection, construction technologies and design technologies on a building environment, maintenance and the economies. Robert has experience across a range of differing scales and types of buildings, construction and procurement methods. Robert has continued his involvement in architectural education by participating in the AIA student mentor scheme and teaching architecture University of Queensland.

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Our People

Biscoe Wilson Architects are fortunate to have many talented people contribute to and collaborate with the practice.

We thank all past and current staff and collaborators.

Paul Matthews, Rebecca Bailey, Marty Bignell, Anne Biscoe, Jonothan Brown, Jas Carpenter, Calvin Chiu, Joelie Vinall-Clark, Alan Delmas, Paul Devereaux, Adam Fitzgibbon, Sam Flaherty, Ray Franke, Chris Gay, Kirsty Hetherington, Anita James, John Jory, Kamal Kopparapu, Magda Kowalik, Steve Langella, Prue Langler, Julia Lembryk, Winson Leung, Peter Maine, Melinda Morrison, Adam Perrier, Laura Puls, Peter Roy, Matthew Sevenhazi, Evie Skinner, Cathy Smith, Caleb Smith, Megan Stewart, Glenda Strong, Jessica Thurecht, Shae Tillbrook, Nadia Watson, Jaime Weber, Gavin Zahner, Lyn Philips, Dimitrij Goentoro

Collaborations | Graham Anderson – Graham Anderson Architects; Margaret Ward – Margaret Ward Architects; TAG – The Albion Group; Nathan Vinall

Sub Consultants | We rely on the specialist skills of a wide range of consultants to provide expert advice of particular aspects of our designs. We regularly put together groups of consultants to collaborate on the design, documentation and execution of projects. These specialist consultants include: Structural and Civil Engineers; Geotechnical Consultants; Mechanical, Electrical Consultants; Fire Consultants; Vertical Transport Engineers; Acoustic Consultants; Hydraulic Consultants; Quantity Surveyors, Private Building Certifiers; Graphic Designers and Artists.

Builders and Sub-Contractors | The successful execution of building projects relies on the skill and management of talented builders, sub-contractors and tradespeople. Our practice values the contribution and expertise of the construction industry and we continue to build relationships with reliable builders who maintain high quality workmanship and management skills.

Clients | Without our clients we would not be practising what we enjoy; and that is creating innovative places, solving problems and providing unique solutions. We listen to our clients and strive to achieve and exceed their expectations. We have many repeat clients and are grateful for their ongoing support.

Tripartite Relationship | Good architecture relies on a tripartite relationship between the client, the architect and the builder, as well as a considered brief and adequate budget. Our aim is to guide our clients to enable this successful mix to occur.

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