The Gap State High School – Senior Learning Centre

This project is now completed! View the final project here.


Glen Henderson’s artwork and their integration into the new building’s architectural motifs.

[01.03.2019] Drawings for The Gap SHS SLC.

[29.01.2019] The Gap State High School Student Learning Centre is currently in construction.

[10.08.2018] Concept images for the new student learning centre at the Gap State High School

The Gap State High School’s new student learning centre will feature 7 general learning areas (GLAs), specialist science spaces, staff facilities and amenities.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Joelie Clark, Winson Leung, Anita James, Jonus Darr, Jessica Thurecht, Jas Stancombe, Monique Pousson, Balazs Zsiga

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers | BSI

Structural Engineer | Farr Engineers

Hydraulic Consultant | H Design

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