The Gap State High School – Senior Learning Centre

[15.03.2019] The Gap State High Sschool’s new Senior Learning Centre (SLC) will accommodate the school’s increased capacity, particularly introducing new dedicated STEM facilities. STEM (science, technology, English and math) facilities were briefed by the Department of Education, but Biscoe Wilson Architects saw a unique opportunity to extend the brief to include built art. We collaborated with local Brisbane artist Glen Henderson, who spent her youth in the Gap. Glen’s unique artwork combines art and science, complimenting the school’s aspirations for the building. Glen’s artwork was incorporated into the motifs in the perforated metal screens, glass operable walls and concrete. We believe incorporating built-in art that supports the educational function of the building will also support the students in their learning outcomes.

Glen Henderson’s artwork and their integration into the new building’s architectural motifs.

The new building features:

  • 2 general learning areas (GLAs);
  • 4 science rooms;
  • 2 robotics rooms;
  • 2 flexible learning areas (FLAs);
  • Staff prep and resource storage;
  • Chemical storage;
  • Staff and Head of Department offices and kitchenette;
  • Cleaner store;
  • Data room; and
  • Student and staff amenities

The new building is located on the edge of the school, adjacent to the carpark and busy Waterworks Road. The building’s amphitheatre faces the road, buffering the classrooms and other facilities. By roofing and enclosing the amphitheatre with a glazed acoustic art wall, an additional generous learning space has been created. We believe that learning spaces can inspire staff and students, encouraging good learning outcomes.

We worked closely with Farr Engineers to develop a structural system that would enable rapid construction. The hybrid precast and insitu concrete columns with post tensioned concrete suspended floors enabled the main structure to be erected with minimal disruption to the school. The external cladding comprised of painted exotec sheeting to externally accessible areas, and Colorbond Premier 300/ Spandeck to non-accessible areas. These materials were chosen for their durability and low maintenance.

Biscoe Wilson Architects have experience designing on steep, landlocked and tightly constricted sites to create a functional and innovative solution which maximises the school’s potential.

[01.03.2019] Drawings for The Gap SHS SLC.

[29.01.2019] The Gap State High School Student Learning Centre is currently in construction.

[10.08.2018] Concept images for the new student learning centre at the Gap State High School

The Gap State High School’s new student learning centre will feature 7 general learning areas (GLAs), specialist science spaces, staff facilities and amenities.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Joelie Clark, Winson Leung, Anita James, Jonus Darr, Jessica Thurecht, Jas Stancombe, Monique Pousson, Balazs Zsiga

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers | BSI

Structural Engineer | Farr Engineers

Hydraulic Consultant | H Design

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