Kelvin Grove State College Multipurpose Hall and QBA

[11.06.2019] Construction has started on both the Multipurpose Hall (Centre) and the Queensland Ballet Academy (Top Right) at the Kelvin Grove State College.
[15.03.2019] Site Plan for the Kelvin Grove State College Multipurpose Hall (Centre) and the Queensland Ballet Academy (Top Right).

[15.03.2019] Biscoe Wilson Architects were successful in the Queensland Department of Education’s competitive tender process for two major projects at the Kelvin Grove State College (KGSC); the Queensland Ballet Academy and the Multipurpose hall. Lifts in both new buildings extend the accessibility network through the school, reinforcing the Department of Education’s intention to make new and existing school buildings accessible and equitable for all. The two new buildings incorporate a similar material pallet to the adjacent 6 level Flying Start building, designed by Biscoe Wilson Architects in 2015. Together, these new buildings further expand the centre of excellence capabilities of this inner-city school.

[15.04.2019] The Multipurpose hall designed for Kelvin Grove State College includes an option for future expansion as shown above.

The Department of Education partnered with the Queensland Ballet (QB) to develop a unique dance facility on the KGSC campus, supporting students who will later pursue dance at QV’s West End facilities. The Queensland Ballet Academy (QBA), located to the north-east corner of the KGSC campus, is a two-storey facility incorporating:

  • 6 dance studios (including 2 performance studios that can be opened into a single large space);
  • Green rooms;
  • Amenities for staff and students;
  • Staff room;
  • Loading dock;
  • Parking;
  • General learning areas (GLAs); and
  • Promenade areas for students to stretch and practice

Studios feature high ceilings (4.2m) for versatility of spaces. This has created a particularly tall building, so the roof form has been folded down to the west to transition the building height down to the covered link connecting back to the hall.

Additionally, KGSC’s new multipurpose sporting hall will be a three storey building incorporating:

  • A carpark, 14 general learning areas (GLAs) and amenities at ground level
  • A two court hall on the first floor (with opportunity to expand to three courts in the future) at the first level; and
  • A specialist sporting facility, kinesiology labs, gymnasium, weights and spa/ ice baths on the mezzanine level.
[Feb 2019] Construction has officially started on the new multipurpose hall at Kelvin Grove State College.

[31.01.2019] Biscoe Wilson Architects have recently completed the design of Kelvin Grove State College’s new multipurpose hall and Queensland Ballet Academy hall.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Anita James, Winson Leung, Joelie Vinall-Clark, Jonus Darr, Monique Pousson, Balazs Zsiga, Jas Stancombe

Client | Queensland Department of Education

D&C Contractor | Paynters

Structural and Civil Engineer | Farr Engineers

Hydraulic Engineers | H Design (Design Phase)

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer | BSI

Landscape Architect | Jeremy Ferrier Landscape (Design Phase)

Acoustic Consultant | Acoustic Noise and Vibration (ANV) (Design Phase)

Private Building Certifier | Building Certifiers Australia (BCA)

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