Springfield Central Multipurpose Hall

[11.O6.2019] Construction is underway for the Springfield Central Multipurpose Hall. The ‘E’ shaped building in the aerial below is the Springfield Central State High SLC Building.

[15.03.2019] Biscoe Wilson Architects were engaged by the Queensland Department of Education in 2016 to prepare the sketch design for the Multipurpose Hall and Community Centre, a joint initiative between Springfield Central State School and the Ipswich City Council (ICC). Biscoe Wilson Architects were later selected to finalise the design by the D&C contractors. This unique project borders the Springfield Central State School and a new sporting facility by the Ipswich City Council. The design allows both users to negotiate the use of the multipurpose hall in the centre of the building, with school facilities to the south of the building and the ICC facilities to the north. The design provides separate access points for the school and ICC, with appropriate security considerations between areas.

The multipurpose hall is naturally ventilated with clerestory ridge ventilation and mechanically operated louvers. Low level louvers and roller shutters help provide a cross ventilation and convention cooling. Low-velocity large-format fans assist with air movement.

The ICC and community areas feature:

  • Multi-purpose meeting rooms;
  • Consulting rooms;
  • Offices;
  • Amenities;
  • A foyer with servery; and
  • Opportunities for expansion

The school facilities include:

  • A separate foyer with servery;
  • Change rooms and amenities;
  • Kinesiology laboratories; and
  • Staff facilities

[2019] The multipurpose hall at the Springfield Central School is currently under construction.

Architectural Team |Robert Biscoe, Joelie Clark, Wilson Leung, Anita James, Marion Wilson, Monique Pousson, Jas Stancombe

Project Manager | Cap Works

D&C Contractor | Hutchinson Builders

Structural and Civil Engineers | Farr Engineers

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers | BSI

Hydraulic Consultant | MRP

Acoustic Consultant | Renzo Tonin Ron Rumble

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