Smart Housing 2000

Competition Winning Entry – Smart House 2000 Competition – Department of Housing and QMBA By using conventional construction materials and techniques in innovative ways, the Smart House does not cost more to build than a conventional house, yet ensures reduced lifecycle costs. The Smart House incorporates features that allow it to be suitable for a wide range … Continue reading Smart Housing 2000

Inner City Smart Housing Competition 2000

Shortlisted 2000 Queensland Department of Housing and Housing Industry Association This competition entry from 2000 included the design for six one- and two-bedroom units separated by breezeway stairs. These units feature: Roof mounted photovoltaic cells Solar hot water Rainwater harvesting Natural lighting and passive ventilation Vegetable gardens and worm farm composting Accessibly adaptable apartments to … Continue reading Inner City Smart Housing Competition 2000

The Snorkel

The Sustainable Node of Revitalised Elevated Living (Snorkel) was an entry in a Boral Design Competition in 2012, and established a model for increased density in an urban context. An existing building was adapted to provide the foundation for a 7 storey addition on top, visually separated by the garden terrace. The new accommodation towers … Continue reading The Snorkel