Allen Street Apartments

This small infill development enabled higher density on an inner city “character residential” site in Hamilton, Brisbane. The 686sqm corner site contained a high-set traditional timber and tin cottage. The existing house was slid forward on the block and an additional two attached townhouses were constructed behind.


Each dwelling has separate car and pedestrian entry, three bedrooms and study as well as living, dining and meal preparation areas. Upper level decks and ground level courtyards provide spill-out areas for the living and bedrooms.

Clerestory windows on northern walls allow light to penetrate deep into the townhouses. The new structures are clad in light weight materials to compliment the vernacular of the surrounding neighbourhood. The group of buildings integrate into the surrounding neighbourhood while increasing density by a factor of three.

This development model has been extremely successful for the developer who achieved quick sales and high prices. We are currently investigating other sites with the developer to undertake similar urban densification.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Shae Tilbrook

Photographer | Robert Biscoe

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