Ascot State School I Block by Biscoe Wilson Architects

Ascot State School – G Block

Entry in AIA Brisbane Awards Programme 2012

Biscoe Wilson Architects were commissioned to design and document four General Learning Areas (GLA) and an administration building as part of the Building the Education Revolution (BER) Program. This innovative design cantilevers over an adjacent covered games court to maximize upper level floor plates on a tight footprint. The building has been designed with high ceilings and excellent cross ventilation to maximize comfort. The levels have been linked to existing buildings, improving circulation and enhancing disabled access.

Architectural forms and material choices in the new building respect the abutting historical 20th century buildings. The cantilevering upper level and east facing facade elements provide a colourful feature for the new addition.

Fully Enclosed Covered Area: 1377sqm

This aerial photograph outlines Block F and Block G, that Biscoe Wilson Architects designed.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Winson Leung, Joelie Clark, Kirsty Hetherington, Alan Delmas

Structural Engineer | Westera Partners

Services Engineer | Building Services Integration

Hydraulic Consultant | H Design

D&C Contractor | Northbuild Constructions

Project Manager | Cadence Australia

Photographer | Aperture Photography 2011

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