OHSC building at Bulimba State School by biscoe wilson | architects

Bulimba State School – OHSC

The Bulimba State School P&C association engaged Biscoe Wilson Architects to design a new pavilion for its Out of School Care Programme (OHSC). An economical steel framed pavilion with excellent cross ventilation and natural daylighting was developed. The building is sited under an existing tree and has a strong connection with the new playground.

Clerestory louvres allow regulation of airflow. Roofwater is harvested into tanks for reuse in an art sink and landscape. 

The building employs accessible design principals and contains a small office for staff and student computer use.

This aerial photograph of Bulimba State School shows the OHSC, Block C, Block F and the Multipurpose hall that Biscoe Wilson Architects have designed. Biscoe Wilson Architects have also worked closely with Bulimba State School to develop their masterplan.

Design Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Joelie Clark, Kirsty Hetherington

Hydraulic Engineers | H Design

Structural Engineers | Westera Partners

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