Cavendish Road SHS Multipurpose Hall

Biscoe Wilson Architects were commissioned by Hutchinson Builders to design and document a multipurpose hall for Cavendish Road State High School to Brisbane’s South. This project provided the school with two multipurpose courts, four Kinesiology labs, a staff room, a foyer and kiosk space, amenities and storage. The lift and accessible link increases the wheelchair accessibility across the school.

The kinesiology labs over look the multipurpose courts for training and supervision, acoustically protected by the double glazed windows.

Inside, the high ceiling swoops upwards to accommodate high level louvers and letting soft natural light flood across the courts. The roller doors with louvers above on either side of the courts can be opened to create an extension of the adjacent oval. The large scale fans and the ample openings promote natural cross ventilation.

The acoustic treatment to the south and west faces were carefully designed, as this building is on a residential edge of the school.

The external colour palette is refined, utilising durable materials including the Colorbond Whitehaven roof and awnings, Dulux Lahar exotec walls and Colorbond Monument metal wall cladding. Internally, the Pulsastic Aura Sky Blue floor is featured in the multipurpose hall, complimented by the perforated ply panels.

Biscoe Wilson Architects have previously worked on several other projects around Cavendish State High School, such as the painting of several existing buildings and the outdoor learning area. This site visit gave Biscoe Wilson Architects the opportunity to photograph these projects.

To view the construction process for this project, click here.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Wilson Leung, Joelie Clark

Builder | Hutchinson Builders

Photographer | Graham Philip

Hydraulic Engineers | BRW Enterprises

Structural and Civil| Engineers | Farr Engineers

Mechanical Engineers | BSI

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