Eco House

Biscoe Wilson Architects were commissioned to design a new house in a rural environment for a Professor of Interior Design and her lawyer partner, that expressed the clients’ emotional, physical and intellectual relationship with the site and enhanced the way they live on the site. The Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) features natural ventilation from the prevailing south-west breezes, solar power, a tank water and bore water, ceiling fans, wide eaves, and adjustable awnings for summer sun protection. The design features maximal views to the surrounding natural environment, visual and auditory privacy from neighbouring houses, and a feature decks that steps towards the landscape. There was a great desire to have a comfortable flow through the house, connecting gentle spaces, blurring the transition between inside and outside, and interweaving daylight from differing directions.

The linear floor plan allowed the house to be one room thick to assist in cross ventilation, solar gain, and organisation of spaces. Both client and architect collaborated to ensure the house achieved a high level of environmental sustainability. Material and finishes were researched thoroughly to assess their environmental impact and well-being. This modern Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) ensures a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable architecture.

Architectural Team | Marion Wilson, Robert Biscoe, Marty Bignell

Structural Engineer | Westera Partners

Photographer | Robert Biscoe

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