Gallagher Apartments

This small infill development enabled higher density on an inner city ‘character residential’ site in Greenslopes, Brisbane. The 900sqm site contained a high-set traditional timber house that had undergone some unfortunate renovations in the past. The existing house was slid forward on the block, raised, refurbished and extended to form two new apartments. An additional three attached townhouses were constructed at the rear of the existing house.

Each dwelling has three bedrooms and a study on the upper level. A garage, kitchen and living/dining areas are located on ground level and the living spaces open onto north facing courtyards.

The group of buildings settled into the surrounding neighbourhood while increasing density by a factor of four. The solution enabled the existing “character” streetscape to be maintained while providing a denser urban solution.

A community vegetable garden is irrigated by on site water harvesting tanks.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Nadia Watson

Structural Engineer | Westera Partners

Landscape Architect | Steve Dunn – Dunn & Moran

Photographer | Robert Biscoe

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