Nat and Gerry's Back Deck by biscoe wilson | architects

Nat and Gerry’s Back Deck

Entry in the AIA Awards 2014

After meeting at a local coffee shop in Ascot and providing a napkin sketch for a back deck addition to their decrepit Queenslander, our client’s Natalie Winter and Gerry Heffernan commissioned Biscoe Wilson Architects to bring their ideas into fruition.

The extension created a “hub” space for a new kitchen and deck that connect the existing house to the back yard. Multi stack sliding doors integrate the new addition with the existing character house. By adding a modern back deck on the typical pre-war stock house, the project could take advantage of natural light and cross ventilation.

Two modern bathrooms were also constructed within the existing house. Timber floors were stained with black japan to contrast with white internal walls and fixtures. To complete the project, the external was repainted with a new colour scheme.

This project was featured in the Courier Mail July 11 2016.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Joelie Clark, Matthew Sevenyhazi

Builder | Fiddlers Green

Structural Engineer | Westera Partners

Photographer | Anne Langdon Photography

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