Rivercity House

Biscoe Wilson Architects designed a spectacular modern 3 level house facing north on the Brisbane River. This modern house engages with the river by providing wide cantilevered terraces and balconies that relate to the glass fronted swimming pool on the river bank and the views of Brisbane and beyond.

An essential element of the design is the theatrical progression from the street, through the entry court and three-storey stair volume onto the terraces and river. The lower level provides for grand arrives, tinkling ivory and footy tales.

The top level is a private retreat with roof gardens and the central level is the hub of the house. Reinforced concrete, rendered masonry, glass and Rheinzinc have been used to create a robust form that has been sculpted on the north face to create curved balconies that echo the curves of the river. The house revisits the modernist traditions of structure and form servicing the functions required, but with the notion of function extended to include a bit of fun.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Chris Grey

Structural Engineer | Saunders and Partners

Builder | Lifetime Securities (Aust)

Photographer | Aperature Architectural Photography

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