Ithaca Creek State School Master Plan by biscoe wilson | architects

School Master Plans 2018

During 2018, biscoe wilson | architects have been working with a variety of schools, including Petrie Terrace State School, Ithaca Creek State School, and Wilston State School, to create a comprehensive master plan. Throughout the master planning process, biscoe wilson | architects work closely with the school, the Queensland Department of Education, and a variety of consultants to create a comprehensive and well founded guide for future developments. Commonly, the main focus for school master plans is increasing the number of specialist and general learning areas, increasing accessibility across the site, and centralising sprawling or separated campuses.

Please note that these images are only a snapshot from the report compiled for each master plan and could be a superseded proposed option.

The Petrie Terrace State School master plan outlines two stages of developments that would redevelop existing spaces and create additional spaces. Ultimately, the goal for this master plan is to centralise the facilities, increase the number of specialist and general learning areas, and increase accessibility across the site.

The Ithaca Creek State School master plan proposed two stages of development that would reduce congestion along the main spine path and create additional specialist and general learning spaces as required.

The Wilson State School master plan explored two stages of developments, providing a multitude of new spaces for students to learn and play.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Joelie Clark, Jas Stancombe

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