Tewantin Social Housing

Biscoe Wilson Architects were approached by the Department of Housing to design and document a 8 unit social housing development in Tewantin. This project in Tewantin provides 8 one bedroom units, in a variety of accessibility standards (Platinum, Gold and General) as specified by the Social Housing Design Guide and the Liveable Housing Design Guide.

Materials were specified for their durability and low maintenance, while aligning with a particular aesthetic. Significant sun and privacy studies have been utilised to inform screen design and locations.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Anita James, Wilson Leung, Jonus Darr, Monique Pousson, Jas Stancombe

Civil/ Structural Engineers | Westera Partners

Hydraulic Engineers | H Design

Electrical Engineers | Walker Bai

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