The Snorkel

The Sustainable Node of Revitalised Elevated Living (Snorkel) was an entry in a Boral Design Competition in 2012, and established a model for increased density in an urban context. An existing building was adapted to provide the foundation for a 7 storey addition on top, visually separated by the garden terrace. The new accommodation towers above the existing building are divided by the vertical circulation zone.

The existing building houses gardens, worm farm composting, a shared garage, bicycle parking, storage, rainwater storage and recycling systems. The east side contains recreational equipment and a pool.

The 5 storeys of accommodation provide a range of one- and two-bedroom units, illustrating options for configuring single bedroom units into SOHO spaces. The articulation of the towers creates apartments with external walls to all sides, maximising passive environmental design opportunities for daylight and ventilation.

Architectural Design Team | Robert Biscoe, Graham Anderson, Marion Wilson, Nathan Vinall, Joelie Clark, Kirsty Hetherington, Steve Dunn

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