Albany Creek SHS- General Learning Centre

Biscoe Wilson Architects wereengaged by the Qld Department as Principal Consultant for a new accommodation building to allow for ongoing expansion of the school population. A 2 storey building with an “L” shape plan was proposed to suit the sloping terrain. A large Covered outdoor Learning area with colourful screens and translucent panels links the building to an existing Science block adjacent.

The project was designed in 2021 and is expected to be complete late 2023

 A lift and covered linksenable the accessible access network of the school to be expanded.A central circulation corridor is topped with clerestory windows to introduce natural and light into the building. A central void at a trancept provides visual connection to the lower level.

 The project also included an addition to the existing Industrial Technology building F Block to incorporate a Design Graphics and Computer laboratory


The  GLC building incorporates:

Science Laboratories x 4

GLA’s x 11

Multi media rooms x 2

1 Covered Outdoor learning area.

Stafff room

Amenities and change rooms.


Architectural Team | Marion Wilson, Robert Biscoe, Joelie Clark, Tori Goldsmith, Monique Pousson, Winson Leung, Steph Stockwell D&C Contractor | Bryant Constructions
Calliope State High School by biscoe wilson | architects

Calliope State High School

Winner of the QMBA Project of the Year award for Education Facilities up to $10 million

Biscoe Wilson Architects were approached by the department of Education to design and document a new high school proposed for Calliope, near Gladstone. We worked closely with Paynters to complete the masterplan, and detailed design for the first stage of the school. These nine buildings include an admin, resource centre, multipurpose hall, hospitality block, canteen, science centre, and technology centre. This project provided an unique opportunity to showcase Biscoe Wilson Architects’ focus on designs that provide comfort, innovation, inspiration and sustainablity.

The materials were chosen for their sustainability, durability, and ease of maintenance. The rooves and awnings are to be Colourbond Whitehaven and metal wall cladding to be Colourbond Shale Grey. Interpon Precis Pure Gold is to be used as a feature on several screens and gates throughout the school.

Biscoe Wilson Architects have worked with Paynters on previous projects, such as the Springfield State High School E Block building.

Stage 2 of the project was commissioned in 2021 and has been completed in 2023. This included a Senior Industrial Technology Building, Senior school GLA block and courtyard and additional amenities. Stage 2 was also constructed by Paynters,

To view the construction process for this project, click here.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Anita James, Winson Leung, Joelie Vinall-Clark, Jonus Darr, Monique Pousson, Balazs Zsiga, Jas Stancombe
D&C Contractor | Paynter

Project Manager | Honeywill Consulting

Client | Queensland Department of Education
Fire, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Electrical Engineer | DMA Engineers
Structural and Civil Engineer | Farr Engineers
Landscape Architect | Jeremy Ferrier Landscape

Caboolture State School – Multipurpose Hall

Biscoe Wilson Architects were commissioned to design and document a Multipurpose Hall and Resource Centre for Caboolture State School as part of the Building the Education Revolution Program.

The multipurpose hall incorporates playing courts for multiple courts, including basketball, netball, badmington and tennis. Amenities, and canteen facilities are adjacent to the courts. A robust structural steel frame has been relieved with elements of translucent sheeting and elegant timber screens.

The adjacent Resource Centre (library) inclororates a number of flexible teaching and resource spaces and is accessed by a double volume outdoor learning area which is located on the main spine path linking the main school to the multi purpose courts.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Joelie Clark, Kamal Kopparapu, Marty Bignell

Structural Engineers | BG Structures

Electrical Engineers | Ashburner Francis

Hydraulic Engineers | H Design, Chilton Woodward & Associates

Building Certifier | Building Certification Australia

McDowall State School – GLA Building

Biscoe Wilson Architects were commissioned to design and document a building containing 8 General Learning Areas for the McDowell State School as part of the Building the Education Revolution (BER) program. The three level building incorporates northern facing General Learning Areas (GLAs) on the upper two stories and covered undercroft to the ground level. Generous Outdoor Learning Areas (OLAs) were developed to the north. Single room width classrooms promote natural lighting and ventilation. Practical learning ares were incorporated into each classroom.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Joelie Clark, Alan Delmas, Marty Bignell

Structural Engineers | Westera Partners

Electrical Engineers | Ashburner Francis

Mechanical Engineers | DMA Engineers

Hydraulic Engineers | H Design

Small Education Projects

Biscoe Wilson Architects undertake a wide variety of architectural and planning services within schools and education facilities. These projects often involve small structures, refurbishment or adaptive reuse of existing buildings, or redeveloping external landscape areas.

Finding economical and inspiring solutions to the smaller projects around school sites can add as much value to schools as some of the higher budget major projects.

This small Covered Learning Area (COLA) at Cavendish Road SHS provides an exciting colourful teaching space adjacent an existing teaching block. The punctuations within thick walls create seating nooks and colour accentuates the dynamic form.

Another COLA at Milpera SHS incorporated a folded steel roof wall to cover an outdoor court and stage. By using clever design a mundane structure can be reinvented to provide a building that is both functional, robust and brings delight to its users.

Repurposing an existing classroom undercroft at Cannon Hill SS was done on a shoestring budget. Utilising existing doors and windows demolished from another building at the school, an economical flexible learning area was created.

An exercise at Balmoral SHS involved masterplanning improvements to external spaces between existing buildings. Existing barren courtyards were reinvented as well landscaped and interlinked spaces incorporating soft and hard landscape elements and shade. The project was staged to enable the school to develop the courts as funds became available.

Biscoe Wilson Architects  designed and donated a “Harvest Table” for a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Project at Bulimba State School. We commissioned a cabinetmaker friend to build the table and used recycled timber. The table is used to present fruit and vegetables grown in the school grounds.

All of these projects are small in scale and large in social impact and importance.

OHSC building at Bulimba State School by biscoe wilson | architects

Bulimba State School – OHSC

The Bulimba State School P&C association engaged Biscoe Wilson Architects to design a new pavilion for its Out of School Care Programme (OHSC). An economical steel framed pavilion with excellent cross ventilation and natural daylighting was developed. The building is sited under an existing tree and has a strong connection with the new playground.

Clerestory louvres allow regulation of airflow. Roofwater is harvested into tanks for reuse in an art sink and landscape. 

The building employs accessible design principals and contains a small office for staff and student computer use.

This aerial photograph of Bulimba State School shows the OHSC, Block C, Block F and the Multipurpose hall that Biscoe Wilson Architects have designed. Biscoe Wilson Architects have also worked closely with Bulimba State School to develop their masterplan.

Design Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Joelie Clark, Kirsty Hetherington

Hydraulic Engineers | H Design

Structural Engineers | Westera Partners

The Gap SHS – Senior Learning Centre

The Gap State High School’s new Senior Learning Centre (SLC) will accommodate the school’s increased capacity, particularly introducing new dedicated STEM facilities. STEM (science, technology, English and math) facilities were briefed by the Department of Education, but Biscoe Wilson Architects saw a unique opportunity to extend the brief to include built art. We collaborated with local Brisbane artist Glen Henderson, who spent her youth in the Gap. Glen’s unique artwork combines art and science, complimenting the school’s aspirations for the building. Glen’s artwork was incorporated into the motifs in the perforated metal screens, glass operable walls and concrete. We believe incorporating built-in art that supports the educational function of the building will also support the students in their learning outcomes.

Glen Henderson’s artwork and their integration into the new building’s architectural motifs.

The new building features:

  • 2 general learning areas (GLAs);
  • 4 science rooms;
  • 2 robotics rooms;
  • 2 flexible learning areas (FLAs);
  • Staff prep and resource storage;
  • Chemical storage;
  • Staff and Head of Department offices and kitchenette;
  • Cleaner store;
  • Data room; and
  • Student and staff amenities

The new building is located on the edge of the school, adjacent to the carpark and busy Waterworks Road. The building’s amphitheatre faces the road, buffering the classrooms and other facilities. By roofing and enclosing the amphitheatre with a glazed acoustic art wall, an additional generous learning space has been created. We believe that learning spaces can inspire staff and students, encouraging good learning outcomes.

We worked closely with Farr Engineers to develop a structural system that would enable rapid construction. The hybrid precast and insitu concrete columns with post tensioned concrete suspended floors enabled the main structure to be erected with minimal disruption to the school. The external cladding comprised of painted exotec sheeting to externally accessible areas, and Colorbond Premier 300/ Spandeck to non-accessible areas. These materials were chosen for their durability and low maintenance.

Biscoe Wilson Architects have experience designing on steep, landlocked and tightly constricted sites to create a functional and innovative solution which maximises the school’s potential.

See the works in progress post for this project here.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Joelie Clark, Winson Leung, Anita James, Jonus Darr, Jessica Thurecht, Jas Stancombe, Monique Pousson, Balazs Zsiga

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers | BSI

Structural Engineer | Farr Engineers

Hydraulic Consultant | H Design

Photographer | Robert Biscoe

Cavendish Road SHS Multipurpose Hall

Biscoe Wilson Architects were commissioned by Hutchinson Builders to design and document a multipurpose hall for Cavendish Road State High School to Brisbane’s South. This project provided the school with two multipurpose courts, four Kinesiology labs, a staff room, a foyer and kiosk space, amenities and storage. The lift and accessible link increases the wheelchair accessibility across the school.

The kinesiology labs over look the multipurpose courts for training and supervision, acoustically protected by the double glazed windows.

Inside, the high ceiling swoops upwards to accommodate high level louvers and letting soft natural light flood across the courts. The roller doors with louvers above on either side of the courts can be opened to create an extension of the adjacent oval. The large scale fans and the ample openings promote natural cross ventilation.

The acoustic treatment to the south and west faces were carefully designed, as this building is on a residential edge of the school.

The external colour palette is refined, utilising durable materials including the Colorbond Whitehaven roof and awnings, Dulux Lahar exotec walls and Colorbond Monument metal wall cladding. Internally, the Pulsastic Aura Sky Blue floor is featured in the multipurpose hall, complimented by the perforated ply panels.

Biscoe Wilson Architects have previously worked on several other projects around Cavendish State High School, such as the painting of several existing buildings and the outdoor learning area. This site visit gave Biscoe Wilson Architects the opportunity to photograph these projects.

To view the construction process for this project, click here.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Wilson Leung, Joelie Clark

Builder | Hutchinson Builders

Photographer | Graham Philip

Hydraulic Engineers | BRW Enterprises

Structural and Civil| Engineers | Farr Engineers

Mechanical Engineers | BSI

Sporting Precinct Siting Options

Biscoe Wilson Architects prepared various siting options for a school’s new sporting precinct with an opportunity for a future dormitory. This project was briefed to include a 50m pool, a learn to swim pool, 8 tennis courts, a gym, a cafe/shop, and amenities (change rooms, toilets, showers, storage and first aid).

The school were to be the main users of the precinct, but the programming should allow the community to use the pool and tennis courts at times.

This fly-through movie shows the dormitory concept for the school.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Joelie Clark, Winson Leung, Jas Stancombe

Living Faith Lutheran School Multi-purpose Hall

biscoe wilson | architects were commissioned to design and document a multipurpose hall as part of the Building the Education Revolution (BER) Program.

This generous multi purpose hall was designed to accommodate a range of sporting and general school functions, and additionally provide a space for the community.

The sloping land enabled a lower level undercroft to be utilised. This space acts as a breezeway link from the main school entry down to the oval. Either side of the breezeway, additional spaces for offices, a sport store, uniform shop and a music room were also included.

The main steel framed hall is clad in a mix of tilt up concrete panels at lower levels and light weight fibrous cement and metal sheeting on upper walls. The louvers, glass and translucent roof and wall sheeting have produced a naturally lighted hall that seldom requires artificial lighting throughout the day.

A fanning steel awning over the entry provides an iconic signature to the school.

Architectural Team |  Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Joelie Clark, Marty Bignell

Structural Engineer | Farr Engineers

D&C Contractor | Ahrens Group

Project Manager | Ahrens Group

Photographer | Robert Biscoe

Total Floor Area | 1660 sqm (including outdoor covered entry and breezeway)