The urbanisation of our cities continue to densify communities, and it is imperative that architects and developers continue to create innovative and efficient medium and higher density housing solutions. Multi-residential developments enable consolidation of the population on a smaller land footprint. This is environmentally responsible as urban infrastructure expenditure can be reduced and there is less energy wasted in transporting people to places of work and recreation.

Well designed multi-residential developments need to address siting, passive solar design issues, privacy, noise, and provide a range of private, shared and public spaces. Biscoe Wilson Architects have actively worked with private clients and developers to create innovative multi residential solutions and unban design solutions that create places and not just buildings.

Recent Projects:

Allen Street Apartments

This small infill development enabled higher density on an inner city “character residential” site in Hamilton, Brisbane. The 686sqm corner site contained a high-set traditional timber and tin cottage. The existing house was slid forward on the block and an additional two attached townhouses were constructed behind. Each dwelling has separate car and pedestrian entry, … Continue reading Allen Street Apartments

Ascot Boulevard – Mixed Use Development

In 1995, Biscoe Wilson Architects designed Ascot Boulevard’s mixed-use development as one of the first projects under the Racecourse Road Local Area Plan. This unique development incorporated five 2 and 3 bedroom apartments at the east of the site and two 2-storey commercial buildings fronting Racecourse Road. The commercial buildings house retail at ground level … Continue reading Ascot Boulevard – Mixed Use Development

Gallagher Apartments

This small infill development enabled higher density on an inner city ‘character residential’ site in Greenslopes, Brisbane. The 900sqm site contained a high-set traditional timber house that had undergone some unfortunate renovations in the past. The existing house was slid forward on the block, raised, refurbished and extended to form two new apartments. An additional … Continue reading Gallagher Apartments

Birkdale Social Housing Project by BWA

Government Housing Projects 2018

biscoe wilson | architects have worked on many Government housing projects in 2018, such as these projects at Deception Bay, Nundah, and Birkdale. Each of these projects include a variety of Platinum, Gold and General units, as specified by the Social Housing Design Guideline. Materials were specified for their durability and low maintenance, while aligning … Continue reading Government Housing Projects 2018