M3 House

[15.03.2019] Concept images and partially complete photos of this new inner-city renovation by Biscoe Wilson Architects.

Biscoe Wilson Architects worked closely with the client to transform this Queenslander house into a dream home, complete with a backyard pool and generous back deck. The final pieces are being put together, and we’re all looking forward to the final reveal.

[March 2019] The just a few finishing touches…

[June 2018] The house has been lifted and work is well underway.
[June 2018] Lifting the house.

[March 2018] The design

[March 2017] The existing Queenslander was very charming.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Anita James, Jonus Darr, Monique Pousson, Jas Stancombe

Civil/ Structural Engineers | Farr Engineers

Hydraulic Engineers | H Design