G House

The programme was to construct a new house on the steep (1: 3 gradient) north facing 760-m2 block that offered views to Mt Coo-tha forest. Biscoe Wilson Architects designed an elegant lightweight structure that responds to the topography and subtropical climate. The spit level section and linear plan enabled all spaces to all enjoy natural light, cross ventilation and views to the landscape.

The G House presents as a modern single level dwelling from the street. Which compliments the scale of adjacent housing. This house contains five levels stepping down the site. A rectangular skillion roof runs parallel to the ground plane and hovers over the split-level section. Level separation allows zoning that can accommodate the main residents and their extended family. Ease of access throughout the house and connection to the lower pool level and northern landscaping was a key design element.

G House by Biscoe Wilson Architects
G House by Biscoe Wilson Architects

The house is relatively low tech, incorporating a steel skeleton and sustainable timber infill, lightweight claddings and linings and prefinished steel for roofs and balustrading. Photovoltaic panels and solar hot water are incorporated on the north-facing roof. The house is well insulated, has wide overhangs to all openings and is planned to allow natural day lighting and cross ventilation to all living and sleeping areas. The main skillion roof incorporated motorised clerestory louvres to enable control of convection heating / cooling. Colorbond steel has been used extensively on roofs, stepped fascias, flashings, cappings and rainwater goods to provide a sharply detailed and durable finish to this house.

The G House enabled Biscoe Wilson Architects to further investigate environmentally sustainable design (ESD) and the innercity lifestyle in one of Brisbane’s urban residential areas. The passive solar design and environmentally sustainable house steps down the site over 5 levels and creates opportunities for zoned living for an extended family. All levels enjoy a connection to the landscape and views beyond as well as natural day lighting and cross ventilation.

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