Biscoe Wilson Architects have extensive experience designing private homes, from extensions to new builds, and exterior to interior designs. Environmentally sustainable design (ESD) is at the core of all design solutions.

Recent Projects:

G2 House

Completed in 2018, the G2 House features a modern extension to an existing art deco house. The original modest bungalow was constructed by former Australian Prime Minister Arthur Fadden around 1947. Minimal change was made to the plan of the existing house, respect the history and character of the original design. The original house provides … Continue reading G2 House

G3 House

Biscoe Wilson Architects were commissioned to design a family home in rural Queensland. Naturally, it was important for the client to have a direct connection with the outdoors. The design maintains views to the mountain from living and dining rooms. The stacked rooves allow for changes in scale and opportunities for high windows, while referencing … Continue reading G3 House

G House

This new house, designed by Biscoe Wilson Architects, responds to the the subtropical climate, the steep topography (1:3 gradient), and offers views to the Mt Coot-tha forest. The elegant lightweight structure, split levels, and linear plan enable all spaces to take advantage of the natural light, cross ventilation and views to the landscape. The G … Continue reading G House

Rose Cottage by Biscoe Wilson Architects

Rose Cottage

Biscoe Wilson Architects were commissioned to design an alteration and addition to an existing timber cottage, while maintaining the sensitive urban framework and existing character of the street. The design provided an additional living and bedroom, and improved the external spaces of the existing design. The existing house was raised slightly, to allow for better sub … Continue reading Rose Cottage