Woodrising Apartments by Biscoe Wilson Architects

Woodrising Apartments

RAIA Commendation 1995 (Brisbane Region)

Woodrising Apartments is a modern interpretation of the six pack unit block, adapted for a sloping site in Paddington, an area characterized by ‘timber and tin’ traditional housing. It was important to retain the significant Norfolk Pine tree at the rear of the block, so the building tapers away from the tree.

Biscoe Wilson Architects developed a two-storey apartment block over carparking. The community foyer is lit by an extensive skylight. The sloping land was utilised to create a mid-building pedestrian entry while maintain the road level car entry.

This project was completed in 1994.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Paul Devereaux, Peter Main

STructural Engineer | (Whybird Farr Engineers) Farr Engineers Associates

Builder | B Stuart and Sons

Client | Graham and Carol Tanner

Photographer | Robert Biscoe

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