Bowler Byth House

Biscoe Wilson Architects were commissioned to design a comfortable house in Highgate hill for a couple with an adult family.  The family had lived on the hilly site for many years and, unfortunately, the original house was destroyed by a fire.

The design was aimed at maximising the western views while creating a variety of spaces for both parents and adult children. The skillion roofs have enabled the three storeys to be incorporated within the 8.5m maximum height limit under the City Plan.


The design directs pleasant northern light into the living areas of the house, through the use of clerestory windows. Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) features include solar efficient glazing, insulated roofs and walls, a 20,000 litre bladder rain water tank under the lower deck, which is used for irrigation and is plumbed into the laundry and toilets, energy efficient lighting and appliances, water efficient bathroom fixtures, and solar roof panels for heating the lap pool. The western sun is moderated by energy efficient glazing and motorized external “Vental” Venetian blinds.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson, Rebecca Bailey

Structural Engineer | Westera Partners

Lighting | LAD

Builder | Wally Williams Constructions

Private Building Certifier | Building SUrveying Professionals

Construction | 2008

Photographer | Robert Biscoe, Simon Bowler, Shae Tilbrook

Client Testamonial: Thanks Robert It has been an overwhelming success and a tribute to Biscoe-Wilson and Wally Williams I sing your praises wherever possible. SB

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