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Springfield State School – SLC

Biscoe Wilson Architects’ Student Learning Centre building at Springfield Central State High School has an ‘E’ plan to promote collaboration, permeability, cross ventilation, and natural lighting. The floor plan also enabled double-sided external walls to all classrooms, allowing the building to breathe.

This four-storey building contains 17 general learning areas (GLA), a Performing Arts Centre (PAC), a multimedia room and a new senior student learning centre (SLC). By negotiating the shape of the floor plan, the amount of functional space was able to be increased and the circulation spaces decreased.

The ‘E’ shaped floor plan facilitated the single-room depth of the building allows for cross ventilation and natural lighting, while creating positive internal spaces ideal for outdoor learning. The exterior walls that were not accessible were clad in Colorbond steel for durability and to minimise long-term maintenance costs. The western façade incorporated banded Colorbond in Surf Mist and Deep Ocean. Roofs are sheeted in Colorbond Whitehaven to minimise heat transfer through the roof.

Project Team | Joelie Vinall-Clark, Winson Leung, Marion Wilson, Robert Biscoe, Anita James

D&C contractor | Paynter Dixon

Project manager | Cap Works

Client | DET

Structural Engineers | Motus

Services | BSI

Hydraulic Engineers | MRP

Landscape | JeremyFerrier LA

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