St Paul’s School Clubhouse

Completed in 2001 as Stage 1, the Sporting Clubhouse incorporating unisex change-rooms, a canteen, stores and first aid room. Stage 2 is to be built above Stage 1, as the post-tensioned concrete slab forms a temporary roof and future floor for the clubhouse. Located centrally between sport ovals, the playful floor plan is designed symmetrically enabling flexible use for various sporting teams.

Stonework, reinforced off form concrete, stained hardwood battens, translucent fibreglass sheeting and painted blockwork provide a varied but durable palette of materials. The initiating client was the Past Student Association who worked with the architects and sporting groups to resolve a brief and incorporate the concept into the school master plan.

Stage 1 of the St Paul’s School Clubhouse only included the ground floor. The following stages would add a classroom, function room with commercial kitchen, serving facilities, and covered viewing platform on top of the Stage 1 project.

Architectural Team | Robert Biscoe, Marion Wilson

Structural Engineer | Farr Engineers

Builder | Col Palmer Constructions

Photographer | Robert Biscoe

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